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Clarity.  Confidence.  Freedom.

At Dash Wealth, we believe TIME is your most important asset.  Just like money, time can be spent, lost and wasted.  Dash Wealth advisors will work with you to develop clarity and confidence around your financial life so you can have the freedom to do the things you enjoy most. 

Begin With a Discovery Meeting

Dash-Wealth hourglass icon Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

We run Dash-Wealth based on our core values:

  • TIME – It’s given to us at no cost, it gets more valuable every day… INVEST it wisely.
  • PREPARATION – The best day to plant a shade tree was 30 years ago, the second-best day is today.  Planning is easier today than tomorrow.
  • PROTECTION – Money, Health and Time have ‘multiplier effects’ on our lives, Protect them all.
  • EDUCATION – Knowledge has a beginning but no end.  Invest in yourself by always learning.
  • TRUST – Listen generously and be curious about others.  Invest in Relationships because people matter.

Taking the first step is always the hardest…

we want to make sure you feel comfortable.  Watch this short video from our Lead Planner Santo Montalbano and see him describe what it’s like to be a Dash Client.  

He will also describe the simple 30-minute video “Discovery Call” where you can talk with us, ask questions and learn in person what a partnership with Dash-Wealth might mean to you.  Use the button below to access our calendar to pick a time that works for you.

Discovery Call

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