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Discover What It Means
To Work With Us

Building a Roadmap to Success

Begins With Getting to Know You

Together, we’ll build a customized wealth map that allows you to see a visual representation of your financial life. Through regular meetings and communication, you’ll remain informed of the decisions made as we ensure your interests are always placed ahead of our own.

Our Dash C.O.R.E Experience

Financial Planning Introductory Meeting Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

Step 01

Introductory Meeting

We’ll begin by uncovering what is important to you. We take time to learn about your family history, current family situation and future goals. Our team will get to know what your past experiences with investments have been and understand your risk tolerance. We really want to know what money means to you. 

Financial Planning Discovery Session Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

Step 02

Discovery Session

Next, we will discuss your resources, income needs today and later in life, tax situation, protection needs and how you want to leave your legacy. Using this information, we’ll create a wealth map to financial success. 

Financial Planning Building Your Wealth Map Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

Step 03

Building Your Wealth Map

Our Dash Wealth Mapping process creates a visual representation of your assets and the planning process, so you have a clear understanding of what has been accomplished and what is on the horizon. 

Financial Planning Plan Implementation Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

Step 04

Plan Implementation

At this point, we will implement the recommendations our team has developed to support your aspirations and unique financial goals. With access to every report and tool you need, we want to ensure you feel confident in your financial future. 

Financial Planning Regular Monitoring and Review Tampa, FL Dash-Wealth

Step 05

Regular Monitoring and Review

We will communicate with you regularly to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. Some clients like to be extremely involved in the process and some would like it all done for them with regular updates.

Whether Manually or Digitally

Our Dash Team Has a Solution for You

The Dash Digital Experience is designed to remove the time and stress of collaboration. Through the use of the following tools, you’re able to seamlessly connect and keep track of the progress of your plan.

Online Scheduling

Dash Digital Conference Room

Dash Discovery Wizard

Dash Wealth Map

Your Dash-Board

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